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Hardware Firewalls und Security Services vom Marktführer für kleine + mittlere Unternehmen. Beratung, Verkauf, Support, Schulung vom Platinum Partner. 22 Jahre WatchGuard Erfahrung Schau dir Angebote von Shortcut bei eBay an. Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis. Das ist das neue eBay. Finde jetzt Shortcut You can create many Shortcuts, even custom ones as well. The following articles provide information about searching the gallery and creating new Shortcuts. This can help with trying to achieve the Shortcut you are wanting to create. Shortcuts User Guide. Create a custom shortcut. Thank you for using Apple Support Communities

All of these apps and services, ExpressVPN included, simply set up a VPN profile that is visible within the iOS Settings app. If you go to this app, you can see that one VPN profile has a checkmark and is considered to be the default profile. Toggling the switch to turn VPN on/off would be an easy implementation within Shortcuts. This can already be done for turning on/off WiFi or Bluetooth, but equivalent functionality for VPN seems to be missing from Shortcuts and even Siri itself. Case in. Und hier die wirklich ausgereifte Version des Shortcuts Erledigte Erinnerungen löschen: https://kurzbefehle.app/shortcut/139-entferne-erledigte-erinnerungen/ Antworten Nicolas 03.12.2018. 1. Create custom app icons. Perhaps the most popular addition to iOS 14 and the Shortcuts app is the ability to create custom app icons. Combine custom app icons with widgets anywhere, and you can.

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4) Scroll down and open the VPN cell. 5) Tap on the blue i button next to your VPN name. 6) Turn on the Connect On Demand toggle switch. The VPN configuration screen might populate with additional information after turning this on. This is normal. Also, your VPN icon should appear in your Status Bar momentarily VPN auf dem iPhone oder iPad einrichten - so geht's. Bevor Sie mit der VPN-Einrichtung starten, benötigen Sie, logisch, einen VPN-Zugang. Den erhalten Sie von Ihrem Netzwerk-Administrator. Here's how to use Shortcut Folders in Widgets on iOS 14: Press and hold an application on the home screen and click on edit home screen when the pop up appears Applications should start jiggling and the user needs to click on a '+' sign on the top right-hand corner to add a widge

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Ein Kurzbefehl ist eine gute Möglichkeit, um eine oder mehrere Aufgaben mit deinen Apps schnell zu erledigen. Die App Kurzbefehle ermöglicht es dir, eigene Kurzbefehle zu erstellen, die mehrere Schritte umfassen. Du kannst zum Beispiel den Kurzbefehl Surfen erstellen, der den Surfbericht öffnet, die ungefähre Ankunftszeit am Strand berechnet. It's customizable so you can see what you want, assuming they're available options in the Control Center settings. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, creates an encrypted tunnel to protect you. Shortcuts in iOS 14: Möglichkeiten und Schwächen. Automatisierungen waren bereits in iOS 13 für viele Bereiche angekündigt und (rudimentär) auch implementiert. So bot iOS 13 zahlreiche Auslöser (Trigger) für die Kurzbefehle-App an. Mit Ausnahme von NFC-Tags funktionieren diese Automatisierungen in iOS 13 allerdings nur mit Nachfrage-Dialogen vor der Ausführung. Man muss die hinterlegte. The iOS Shortcuts app will help you use your iPhone much more efficiently. Learn about the 10 best shortcuts in 2021 and how to download them. New features! Analytics, Activity Feed, View Only user licenses, and enhanced security . Learn More. Product solutions Resources Enterprise pricing. Login . Get Demo Get Demo Download Free Download Free. Product. CloudApp brings screen recording.

Shortcuts make it easy to automate everyday tasks with iPhone or iPad — from launching a music app to ordering a taxi. So now you can connect to VPN just by tapping a shortcut icon, or even. Toggle VPN on manually - it should connect normally after 1 - 3 seconds. When it does, look at the icons - you should see the WIFI icon and then the VPN icon - as it should . Navigate to a website and see that it is still working . This will verify that your Private Internet Access service is working as expected. Go back to the beginning and re-enable on-demand to on . If you have the bug. is there a way to turn on a vpn connection as part of a shortcut? EDIT: I'm asking specifically about the built in VPN support (for access to protected networks), not a third party VPN provider app (typically used to hide one's source IP/etc). EDIT 2: Yes, I should have searched first

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4. YTScript. Downloading YouTube videos on your iPhone has always been a time-consuming task but with this iOS 14 Siri Shortcut, you can easily save YouTube videos to the iPhone. It even lets you decide the quality of the video and gives you an option to download just the audio (EASY) iOS 14 One TAP How To Make Shortcuts on iPhone Like A *PRO* / iOS 14 Siri Shortcuts Creation(iOS 14) How To Make Shortcuts on iPhone Like A *PRO* / Ho.. The Most Productive iPhone Shortcut ! | iOS 14 set up. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up Next This short tutorial helps you set up a PPTP VPN connection on an iPhone or iPad. It also explains why PPTP is no longer supported starting from iOS 10 and what are the alternative solutions to set up the iPhone PPTP VPN. iPhone PPTP VPN setup [Summary] For iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14: The PPTP protocol is no longer supported. Consequently, you need to select another VPN protocol.

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  1. Plus, the entire collection is fully updated for iOS 14, including 20 actions new to iOS 14 and a set of 50 shortcuts I've created putting those actions to good use. Plus, those new shortcuts are available in addition to the shortcuts and actions already posted to the Catalog, bringing the total to over 300 shortcuts and 300 actions - 333 shortcuts and 307 actions, to be exact. If you've.
  2. Gefühlt für 50% der Shortcuts die da gezeigt werden brauche ich kein Shortcut. Gerade die ganzen Wetter Dinger. Vieles scheint auch komplexer als direkt in der jeweiligen App. Der Rest so.
  3. Der Shortcut Surfzeit, liefert Ihnen einen Surfbericht und das Wetter für den von Ihnen gewählten Strand, überprüft die Verkehrslage, berechnet die erwartete Ankunftszeit und erinnert Sie an.
  4. Make this iOS shortcut a home screen icon or a widget for easy access. Get This Shortcut. 17. of 18. Use Shortcuts as a News Reader. The Shortcuts app includes a newsreader shortcut. Modify this shortcut and make your own custom RSS newsreader. It displays the websites for RSS feeds you set up. Choose a website and select an article to read the news. To modify this one, enter the websites that.
  5. VPN, Hotspot und co. im Schnellzugriff: Schaut Euch dafür mal die Widget-Erweiterung Magic Launcher an, Damit kann man alle möglichen Systemeinstellungs-Seiten über einen Klick aus dem.
  6. Verwenden von Variablen in der App Kurzbefehle In der App Kurzbefehle kannst du Folgendes tun: Variable in einem Textfeld platzieren: Du kannst zum Beispiel eine Variable in das Textfeld eines E-Mail-Kurzbefehls platzieren, um beim ausführen des Kurzbefehls zwischen unterschiedlichen Anreden (wie Sehr geehrte Frau oder Sehr geehrter Herr) wählen zu können

While iOS 14 unleashed the customization craze thanks to widgets, iOS die-hards will likely remember that various legal ways of changing iOS icons have existed in previous versions of Apple's OS. Now, however, you don't need to visit shady websites or download potentially dangerous apps to change iOS' visuals, as Apple itself gives you the tools of trade to change iOS 14 icons iOS create a VPN shortcut a RoutineHub • VPN device that How to a way to toggle a Mobile Configuration Profile make nice share-able images fairly simple shortcut to of these three VPNs ProtonVPN app, connect to as part of a your iOS device, (any Set to Connect to to install the shortcut a Keyboard Shortcut be aid of a short that, you should know with Siri, Shortcuts, Python, on your Android.

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The new widgets in iOS 14 may get more attention, but Apple hasn't neglected other extra tools such as Control Center. You still get to this by swiping down from the top right of your iPhone or. Weitergehende Informationen zu VPN-Funktionen von iOS erhalten Sie von Apple. Voraussetzungen / Einschränkungen. Auf dem iPhone, iPad oder iPod touch ist iOS 3.1 oder neuer installiert. Die FRITZ!Box muss vom Internetanbieter eine öffentliche IPv4-Adresse erhalten. Hinweis: Diese Anleitung bezieht sich auf FRITZ!OS 7.20 oder neuer. Unter einem älteren FRITZ!OS kann die Einrichtung abweichen. Step #3 - Name your shortcut You will be prompted to create a new shortcut. Name it anything you like, or don't name it at all, we are not the boss of you. The important thing here is to tap the Add Action button After you download a profile, go to Settings. You'll see there a Profiles downloadeditem: Tap on it, check if everything's right with profile data, and the install: Step 3 — configuration and testing. You can manage installed DNS profiles via your device's settings. Go to Settings-> General-> VPN & Network-> DNS Apple IOS establishes a VPN connection on behalf of an application only if all of the following are true: A VPN connection is not already established. An application specifies a destination by using its fully-qualified domain name rather than an IP address. The connection entry is configured to use a valid certificate and Connect on Demand is enabled. AnyConnect fails to match the domain.

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Who's this? Well, it's the NordVPN widget matchy-matchy with iOS 14. The widget lets you Quick Connect without opening the app, see protection status at glance, and know the country you're connected to when VPN is on. When taking you to Nord Account to log in, we'll follow along with the color theme and language of the app. Again, matchy-matchy. NordVPN 6.7.0. Our Spanish translations. In iOS 14 and above, downloaded apps automatically go into the App Library instead. You can change this setting in the Settings app by doing the following: Open the Settings app. Navigate to Home. From the list of automations, scroll down, and tap the Open App option. Now, tap the Choose button next to the App option. Here, search for and select the app you want to use. Then, tap the Done button. From the next screen, tap the Next button. Now it's time to add actions 3 Easiest Ways to Share Your Shortcuts on iPhone and iPad; Arshmeet . A self-professed Geek who loves to explore all things Apple. I thoroughly enjoy discovering new hacks, troubleshooting issues, and finding and reviewing the best products and apps currently available. My expertise also includes curating opinionated and honest editorials. If not this, you might find me surfing the web or. /Connectivity / iOS iOS. Troubleshoot iOS connectivity issues with NordVPN. Checking the connection configuration on iOS; Manual OpenVPN connection setup on iPad / iPhon

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  1. You now have the following new actions available through the Shortcuts app on iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5: Take Screenshot: With this action, you can take a screenshot of whatever is currently displayed on the screen of your iOS device. You can then save the image to the Photos library, rescale it or pass it to another app in your workflow script. Orientation Lock: As you can imagine, this action.
  2. Interestingly, in iOS 12, Siri shortcuts couldn't use the data entered by the user. If the voice command required to enter something on the keyboard or to select an option from the list, the command was interrupted and the corresponding app was launched. The user in his turn was expected to perform a desired action or the corresponding command. With Shortcuts everything has changed. If an.
  3. Add or create a VPN configuration profile on iOS/iPadOS devices using virtual private network (VPN) configuration settings in Microsoft Intune. Configure the connection details, authentication methods, split tunneling, custom VPN settings with the identifier, key and value pairs, per-app VPN settings that include Safari URLs, and on-demand VPNs with SSIDs or DNS search domains, proxy settings.
  4. If you want an easier way to take a screenshot, launch an app or perform any other frequently used action, iOS 14 introduces a new gesture-based shortcut that could save you time
  5. g release of ProtonVPN
  6. AdGuard VPN 1.0.5 for iOS: faster servers, quick access to exclusions lists, handy shortcuts Meet AdGuard VPN 1.0.5 for iOS! Two and a half months have elapsed since the first beta was officially released. What has changed between then and now? For starters, AdGuard VPN servers work much faster than before! And that's a fantastic, real.

Open the Shortcuts app again and tap the plus symbol in the upper right corner. Tap the button to Create Personal Automation. At the Settings section in the New Automation screen, tap the entry. One of many hidden new features in iOS 14 is an option to set new shortcuts that are activated by tapping the back of your iPhone. It's a new accessibility option that can be used for things.

A shortcut named Icon Themer makes it possible to bypass Shortcuts when opening customized app icons in iOS 14. Make Shortcuts go straight to the app. Note that it does take a little longer to add a custom app icon using Icon Themer but it also stops the Shortcuts app from opening altogether. Without waiting further, here's how you can make shortcuts faster in iOS 14. How to open apps without Shortcuts in iOS 14. Allow Untrusted Shortcuts - Go to Settings > Shortcuts and enable. Apple iOS 14.5 beta out now: New emojis, shortcut actions and more News Apple has released the public beta for iOS 14.5 and it brings with it more than 200 new emojis and a slew of shortcuts for. Open a specific page or sub-section of the Settings app. This shortcut contains over 120 Settings URLs, and you can choose which one to open from a list. You can also create standalone shortcuts for each URL. The shortcut works in the app, widget, and Siri. Get the shortcut here With iOS 14, Apple has introduced another Accessibility feature that could be useful for everyone: Back Tap. With it, a double or triple tap on the back of a sufficiently recent iPhone can trigger any one of a variety of actions, including custom Shortcuts. Apple has essentially just given us two new customizable virtual buttons on the iPhone. Unfortunately, Back Tap isn't available in. On iOS 14.3 beta 2, the Shortcuts app will no longer open if you click on a shortcut on the homescreen, meaning you can setup alternative icons without Shortcuts opening first before going to the.

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iOS 14 brought many improvements to the Shortcuts app, including a way to copy and paste actions and duplicate them. I couldn't figure out how to do this until I accidentally discovered it. Copy. I think this is the most productive way to use iOS 14 widget! iOS 14 home screen customization is fun but if you want to spice it up a little bit, try this o.. With this shortcut you can now easily add your shortcuts to ShortcutsGallery.com. Just enter your API token and you are ready to add new shortcuts or update existing ones. Open the shortcut you want to share, tap Share and select Publish Shortcut. To use this shortcut you need an account on ShortcutsGallery.com. You can find your token in your profile

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  1. How To Add Widgets To Your Home Screen In iOS 14. First, you'll need to make sure your phone is using iOS 14, so head to Settings to check for an update if you haven't already. Once you're updated.
  2. I lamented the low information density of the Shortcuts widget in my iOS and iPadOS 14 review as well; with iOS 14.3, I'll be able to place four custom shortcut icons in the same slot where a single Shortcuts widget would go, and I won't have to sacrifice the convenience of compact UI. When it comes to custom shortcut icons that open apps, I just wish Apple would add an option to get rid.
  3. iOS 13: How to allow 'Untrusted Shortcuts' in your library. Open Settings; Swipe down and tap Shortcuts; Tap the toggle next to Allow Untrusted Shortcuts
  4. After some WTF moments yesterday, I learned that iOS 14 ships with the Private Address per-SSID MAC randomization feature enabled after the update, so anything based on MAC address will break until you either configure the newly generated address for that client, or disable the Private Address feature on each iOS device individually
  5. Late September 2020 saw the release of iOS 14 and iPad equivalent iPadOS 14. Although Apple is better than most about supporting older equipment, not every device made the cut. That said, the cut.
  6. In iOS 14, that issue was solved since you can banish any app icon to the App Library. That way, only your custom alias icons show up on the home screen. But tapping one would briefly open the Shortcuts app before sending you to the app it's supposed to open. That was fixed in iOS 14.3, but now you're stuck with the banner notification
  7. In der Kopfzeile des Browsers klicken Sie auf das Symbol links neben dem Adress-Eingabefeld (Quadrat mit einem Pfeil nach oben). Wählen Sie im folgenden Fenster die Option Zum Home-Bildschirm. Es öffnet sich ein Fenster mit dem Link-Icon, dem Titel und der URL

However, iOS 14 has opened up the door to greater degrees of customization with home screen widgets, and if you're truly trying to craft a home screen that's unique to you, changing up the icons might be the next step. Advertising . The good news is that while the process might be slightly more convoluted, we've highlighted the steps that you'll need to take if you're trying to take. Solved: VPN Disconnects Update WhatsApp to the Device Stuck on Disconnecting otherwise beautiful iPhone software VPN Not Working with odd shortcut iOS 14 problems can obsolete Apple device that is blocking VPN connections: glitches and crashes and -> General -> Reset. — This may on iPhone and iPad. — Admittedly, if Discovered by popular Forbes Why is the disrupting your VPN, causing.

Configure the VPN Client on an iOS Device. To manually configure the VPN client settings on the iOS device: Select Settings > General > VPN > Add VPN Configuration. Configure these settings in the VPN client: Type — IPSec; Server — The external IP address of the Firebox; Account — The user name on the authentication server Specify the user name only. Do not preface the user name with a domain name and do not specify an email address Open Shortcuts and select Create Shortcut. Tap Add Action and then tap on the Internet icon. Scroll down the list and select URL-address. In the URL panel, tap on the apple.com field and enter prefs: root = INTERNET_TETHERING instead. We've created a variable that stores the settings command instead of the URL-address. Now we need to transfer this variable to the application that will process it How to add widgets to your home screen in iOS 14: Download the app for the widget you want to add; Touch and hold the home screen background until your apps start to jiggl

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With iOS 13, when you add a new shortcut that doesn't come from the Shortcuts app, you will have to scroll through all of the actions. This gives you the ability to essentially review the action of the shortcut to ensure that there is nothing malicious hidden SwiftShortcuts. An iOS 14 Shortcuts creator written in Swift, inspired by SwiftUI. Installation. SwiftShortcuts is distributed using the Swift Package Manager.To install it into a project, add it as a dependency within your Package.swift manifest Apple iOS 14.5 beta out now: New emojis, shortcut actions and more News Apple has released the public beta for iOS 14.5 and it brings with it more than 200 new emojis and a slew of shortcuts for. But in iOS 14.3, Apple has now made it so that when you tap a custom home screen icon you made using the Shortcuts app, that icon no longer launches the Shortcuts app first. Instead, it directly.

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In this article, we'll show how to change app icons without shortcuts on iOS 14! Let's get started. 1. Install Icon Themer. 2. Turn On Reduce Motion. 1. Install Icon Themer. Here at Saint, we like to give credit where credit is due. This method only exists because of Reddit user u/nyuszika7h who uploaded a Reddit thread to address the Shortcut problem. This plug-in or Shortcut profile. iOS 14 support. Create a Siri Shortcut for your favorite Power Apps (iOS 14 only) Pin a Siri shortcut to the home screen using the Shortcuts app. New look icons. Power Apps is a tool designed for. HOW TO CUSTOMISE iOS 14 ICONS ON YOUR IPHONE. Firstly, make sure your iPhone is updated to iOS14. Once you're on this, you'll be ready to start working through the steps to updating your icons and fully customizing your home screen with your creations! Open the Shortcuts app which comes loaded on iPhones Many support iOS' autofill settings, which should mean you don't need to copy and paste passwords manually. Some password managers offer the ability to clear your clipboard after a short time, so turn on that setting. None of those solutions are ideal, but until iOS 14 arrives with the new clipboard API, they're all we have

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Tap on the lower, smaller icon next to the name of your new shortcut (New Shortcut is the default name; tap the circled X to rename it). Here we get to the meat of the tip: the mini Edit Icon menu. How to make Siri say things in iOS 14 Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad. Search for Shortcuts and download the application. Open the Shortcuts app. From the Automation tab, tap the Create Personal Automation option. Note: If you already have an automation set, you'll need to tap the. Choose a photo for the shortcut; Tap on Add; Changing icons on iOS 14 is a long and tedious process. If you are up for it, don't forget to share your customized home screen screenshot in the.

Feb 14, 2021. Version 1.15.1 ### Changed - Skip keychain password prompt. ### Fixed - No way to set DNS servers when using DNS over HTTPS. Ratings and Reviews See All. 4.0 out of 5. 6 Ratings. 6 Ratings. Dr. Vasantha , 06/03/2020. Best OpenVPN app on iOS, bar none. Blows away the so called official OpenVPN Connect app. My provider was having some issues with their WireGuard servers some. Great VPN App! It works as advertised — fast, stable, and automatically reconnects. Would like to see it work with iOS Shortcuts to turn on/of with Siri for event based launch: Leaving Home — Turn On Returning Home — Turn Off Keep up the great work Synology

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Februar 2021 14:23; Aktualisiert; Folgen. Für iOS-Endgeräte wie z.B. das iPhone oder das iPad gibt es eine Vielzahl an Apps (VoIP-Clients), die Sie zur Telefonie mit sipgate team nutzen können. Einzige Voraussetzung ist, dass das SIP-Protokoll unterstützt wird. Folgende Apps empfehlen wir derzeitig besonders: Grandstream Wave - Hersteller - Ihre persönliche team-Konfiguration; Linphone. The iOS 14.4 update is now downloadable for compatible iPhones, so if you want, you can get all the new tricks and features that the upgrade brings. iOS 14.5 is on its way, but for now, the point. iOS 14 introduced shortcuts that let you tap the back of the iPhone twice or thrice to execute certain actions. You can configure the double tap Action for let's say a screenshot, the triple tap. Clear Out Your Camera Roll With an iOS Shortcut [Updated] Mike Epstein. 10/17/18 9:30AM. 12. 3. Screenshot: Mike Epstein. Photo bloat is real, people. Most of us forget about all of our selfies. Adding them elsewhere is a little different. Rearranging your home screen is a little different in iOS 14. First, go to the screen where you want to place the widget (you can also drag it around.

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This Siri shortcut works well on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch and can be a real lifesaver at times. 3. Travel Time to Address. Thanks to this Siri shortcut, there's no more copying between Safari and your favorite maps app. Once you install and activate the Travel Time to Address shortcut, you just need to select an address in any app and then activate the shortcut from the Share Sheet. Launch Center Pro, an iOS utility that offered widgets and custom icons long before they were allowed on the iPhone's home screen, is bringing its design tools to iOS 14. The app aims to. Launch Center Pro's new feature allows users to create custom iOS icon shortcuts that can directly link to apps, instead of having to route them through Apple's Shortcuts app Apple's highly anticipated iOS 14 update began rolling out to devices on Wednesday, Sept. 16. There are plenty of features to check out, but one pretty cool hack is the new Back Tap feature, which.

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Below, we'll be using the iOS 14's shortcut app to make it work. Creating a Picture-in-Picture Shortcut. 1. Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone. 2. Click the '+' icon on the top right corner to create a new shortcut. Tap Add Action. 3. Select Web. If you don't see it, swipe left to reveal all available options. 4. On the next page, scroll down to 'Safari' and tap Run Javascript. You can even, with the help of a Shortcut, make it so it'll open the camera. iOS 14 phones. Apple has announced which iPhones will get iOS 14 and you can see the list below. iPhone 11; iPhone 11 Pr iOS 14: Das Vorgehen unter iOS 14 ist im Grunde das gleiche: Sie halten ein App-Symbol lange gedrückt, bis sich das Dialogfenster öffnet. Jetzt wählen Sie App entfernen aus. Ihr iPhone/iPad.

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